Punjabi Al Muahidib in Al-Janadria

Sunday 20 March 2016

On Feb 3rd – 19th Feb Punjabi AlMuhaidib participated in Al -Janadriyah National Festival for heritage and culture, celebrating its 70+ years of providing the best quality of basmati rice to consumers.

Punjabui Al Muhaidb participated with a stand that consisted of a historic timeline beginning in 1946; capitalizing on the heritage of the brand. It has succeeded in delivering its promise for 70 years, and intends to continue its success in the next 70 years.

Punjabi AlMuhaidib also had a family photo booth boasting a traditional flare; emphasizing it’s brand image as a product that has been part of the family for generations. Wet sampling was another focal point at Al Janadriyah, allowing consumers to experience the taste of high quality white Indian basmati rice.