Toronto Raptors: 50-1

الجمعة ٢٠ سبتمبر ٢٠١٩

The Toronto Raptors opted to stand out this year. But really, why could a outfit, the Raps, go fixing things that weren’t broken?
Kyle Lowry obtained a contract of four decades and $48 million, which promised the leader and pace-setter of the team will return. When the ink was dry on that agreement, the Raps understood they could sit and bank last February by the likes of DeMar DeRozan and Jonas Valanciunas having made his first All-Star Game.
There is still some youthful intrigue about the roster, although the Raptors are. Virtual unidentified Bruno Caboclo was Toronto’s surprise pick, and nobody is quite certain how great the Brazilian could become.
Lucas”Bebe” Nogueira, 22, joined the Raps via commerce in June, and he is another potential-packed potential. Although he is not close to being a significant contributor on the ground, Nogueira is tackling the adjustment to his team in stride, based on Eric Koreen of this National Post:”Regardless, you get the feeling that if Nogueira was at the center of Siberia with no fall of Russian in his repertoire, he would still be smiling, laughing and just generally being loud.”
In sum, the Raptors did a wonderful job of keeping up a status quo that is prosperous whilst injecting just potential.
And no, I can not explain why their odds are low as the Knicks’.

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